Prepress is a term used in the commercial printing industry that involves the process of creating a print layout to the final printing. The digital prepress accepts electronic information and turns it into an output suitable for your printing needs.


PrintLogic combines a fully electronic workflow with high speed digital prepress, digital proofing and direct-to-plate imaging. Our trained prepress techs are experienced in all desktop publishing software, ensuring that the project you envision will be the product we deliver.


The prepress phase of the print process begins once the files have been submitted to the printer. A high-quality printed piece takes more than just stunning artwork and design layout. What most print buyers don’t know is, what you see on a computer screen is not necessarily what ends up being translated to paper. This is why a highly trained and experienced prepress department is vital to the printing process. Our prepress team is here to assist you with any design issues and answer questions. We take a proactive stance in making your job right.

PrintLogic’s prepress process includes:

  • Imposing the files
  • Lo-Res Image Reports
  • Digital Hi-Res Konica-Minolta Proofing System
  • Direct-to-Plate-Imaging

 You can count on PrintLogic to have the equipment that will get the job done to the highest of standards. 

Questions about the process?